Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick? Me doing 55 in 45(because empty road ahead, few cars of traffic). Stupid old lady in 2000s Chevy Suburban at stop sign second guess herself arriving to stop sign. Lady pulls out into lane of oncoming traffic 100 feet in front of me. I brake. Not enough space to stop potential head-on collision. I swerve to the left in between road median, lose traction, counter-steer to prevent hitting the oncoming traffic's outside curb. Fortunately no on-coming traffic, so I was able to save my own day. I'm not even upset, angry, or trying to recoup myself because I deal with shitty drivers everyday and I drove off. I want to show a screenshot of where this happened but Google apparently doesn't do street view where I live that often and the road's been reconstructed and given a new path since their current shot of it. I'm just surprised my Chick-Fil-A sitting in the front seat didn't fly all over the place. Oh yeah, I also don't have an airbag. So I'm glad I'm okay. LOL