As you may not know, I’ve run out of important things to actually shop for. Thus, I’m back to looking up things I will never buy. In today’s case: Golfy things.

I’ve always liked Golfs. I think they look goodly and there is so much variety! Bare bones manual wagon, loaded (by my standards) AWD manual wagon, hot hatches, super-duper hot hatches, mundane 3-door (RIP) commuter...

Here’s a manual Alltrack. The Golf wagon is almost the perfect size for me. Seats some butts, excellent cargo space, not too big, and I’m not gonna throw out my back crawling in and out like my old Integra. Hate me if you must, but the body cladding doesn’t look terrible with the right color [gasp]. I admit the back interior looks better for this one, though. I don’t need all wheel drive, nor am I clammoring for a manual commuter... But this is fictional car-shopping so leave me alone!


Anyway, also in said fictional realm, I would so love a Golf R instead. Even without the wagon-ness, there’s still plenty of room. Plus, you know, the whole fast and fun thing. It’s a little tough for me to fathom, because it’s not subtle. I feel like the R is a barrier-breaker, meaning you don’t necessarily have to be a car person to know that you might be looking at something a little different.


But I’m trying to settle down a little... It’s been 11 months since I last bought a car and I’m starting to feel the cravings!!!