My cirrus isn't in the best of shape. It's got a black mismatched good, while the rest of the car is a champagne colour. I got into a mI or accident where a taxi rear ended me on Friday. The only thing damaged was the rear bumper of my car. The driver side passenger door is scraped cause my mom doesnt know how to drive.

I just noticed that the bushing for the passenger side front strut disintegrated, and now the suspension feels real loose. Also my steering rack is loose, and if I turn the steering wheel a little off center, it makes this little clicking noise. Moreover, the coolant like to boil alot. Another little thing is that the ac/heating only blows on full blast.


The car is reaching 200,000 km and I am not sure if I should continue putting money into it, or just get another cheap beater. I bought the car for $500 cause I worked at the dealership, but I think I could sell it for $1000.

I have put already some money it to out. I have changed both rear drums, front pads and rotors, timing belt and water pump last year, recent spark plugs and wires, as well as a gasket (not sure which one, but it was to fix an oil leak near the exhaust manifold). I also bought a set o. All seasons and another set of winter tires.


So what do you guys think?

Here are some links of alternatives that I have found.………

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