Time For New Wheels (Some Clarification)

We’ve been doing a lot of biking lately as a family, we all enjoy it, it’s great time together, and we all get some exercise.

At this point my oldest daughter is the only one with a bike. My middle daughter has my old Mongoose (which is still in amazing shape), which is a perfect match for her. My wife is currently riding an old Cruiser bike, which is in great shape as well. I am currently riding my old Royce Union mountain bike, carrying our youngest daughter behind in one of these:


Now my old mountain bike has been beat to hell and back, it currently needs a new rear rim, along with the rear mechanisms fixed.

Soooooo, the wife and I are looking for new bikes, and want a decent tow-behind for the youngest. Given she’s wanting it more for a workout and I more just want to enjoy riding, I’m thinking we will get her a better bike and a nice tow behind for taking the little one.

This leaves me to get something I actually want to ride. I love older “stunt” bikes, like the Mongoose my middle daughter has. I also love the old “lowrider” bikes that were big years ago. This got me searching to see if one can still get the lowrider parts, low and behold not only can you still get parts, you can buy a complete bike for about the cost of the parts to build one years ago!


I’ve ridden this style of bike in the past and found them to be comfortable cruisers, easy to run long distance on. They’re not high speed bikes, but given the rest of the riding group, it should have plenty.

What’s Oppo think?

Other suggestions?

Am I just losing it completely?

Some added info to clarify some confusion:

1. My middle daughter is riding my old 1999 Mongoose single speed trick bike, so her max speed is about our max speed, I would guess 6-10mph on average. Mostly mild hills with no offroad (but I will keep the MT bike for offroad anyway), riding around 8-10 miles a day.


2. I have a bad knee that gives me hell in “normal” riding positions.

3. We’re cheap, in case no one noticed, dropping anything over $2-400 on a bike isn’t in the cards.

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