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This is parked near my daughter’s school. I had never seen one before this. It’s a Bluebird Wanderlodge. Remember those old Bluebird school buses we used to ride on? Well, the Blue Bird Company decided in the 1960s to build motor homes on that bus chassis.The first ones had a Ford super duty V8 gasoline engine, but later models were diesel powered. These things were not budget RVs. These were meant to be high end, and they were bought by high end clientele, including presidents, singers, and dictators. Used ones are listing for anywhere from $40k up to close to a quarter mill.


The one I spotted drove to Texas from Oregon, according to the plates, and you can see it’s brisling with a bunch of stuff, including what looks like a fancy antenna. I didn’t get to see the inside, but I did find this Youtube video of a guy showing his 1983. It’s so 80s-tastic.

What does Oppo think? Is this the most Jalop RV you can get? I mean, it’s even brown.

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