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Time for the weekend!

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After just working ten days in a row, including 8 hour days on the weekend and 12 hour days during the week, it is finally time for a much deserved 3 day weekend! It was an excellent work trip to Dallas as I got a lot done and made a good name for myself. But I’m thoroughly looking forward to what I have planned. Unfortunately my girlfriend is still in Paris on a work trip (lucky her!) so I have to go adventure by myself but only another week until I get to see her and celebrate her birthday! What I have planned for the weekend though is properly Oppo:


- Friday morning I will replace the Speed Sensor and Cam position sensor on the Miata in order to solve some pesky check engine lights.

- After packing up the car, I will get on the road with the Miata and drive North to San Luis Osbispo to grab some lunch.


- After lunch, I will hop on the PCH and drive all the way to Monterey, finally enjoying my first PCH trip through Big Sur in the Miata!

- I’ll be tent camping in Monterey Friday night.

- Saturday morning I’m going to drive back down the PCH and maybe do some hiking along the way.

- After reaching SLO again, I’ll be heading East to Buttonwillow Racetrack

- Camping again Saturday night but this time right at the race track.

- Sunday will be a track day at Buttonwillow, my first time in the Clockwise direction.


- And then Monday morning I’ll be back to Dallas for another 12 hour a day for 5 days.

Adventure time go! Anyone else planning anything fun for the weekend?

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