The other day I tore off my timing belt cover to see what it looked like in there. I plan to do the belt, tensioners, and pulleys maybe after winter but decided while I was in there I may want to replace my cam seals. Turns out, you can’t really see shit. It didn’t look like they were leaking, which is good because it seems like getting the cam sprockets off are quite a bitch.

Through the winter I’m going to amass some parts to take this project on. It started with a leak around my oil cooler gasket, which leads to replacing the coolant and hoses and figured while I’m at it I should do the thermostat, but wait I’m at 18x,xxx miles and will need to do the timing belt soon so I should probably do it all at once.

Here’s a bunch of shitty photos if you guys see any glaring issues. Yes the radiator hoses need to be replaced yesterday.