Swag-spec Dell XPS M1710 is finished. It got some upgrades since I got it for a steal, but it had a busted hinge. Now it’s got the go to back up the show, as well as fully functional LEDs complete with the original software to program your own light show.

Not gonna lie, this machine has a 1080p screen and I am awfully tempted to get one for myself. I do enjoy the bling factor and its performance was really snappy despite being almost 15 years old. A fresh hard drive and thermal paste application did wonders along with a GPU upgrade from a 7900GS to a 7950 GTX (my tests are showing a 25-30% improvement in graphical power).


I know these posts aren’t what you’d typically see on Oppo, but to keep it car related, this is how I’m paying for Fiero parts in 2020. 

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