Time might have come for me to say goodbye to the Turbo SA22C...

I have only talked about to it a few people on here, but there’s a fairly good reason for that... I will go check out a Lancia Delta Integrale this week-end!

The car has been in storage for 3 years and used to be the daily driver of the current owner before that. The car was given (yes, given) to him a few years prior and he mostly used to do round trips between Shizuoka and Tokyo. It currently has less than 70000km on the clock and is completely rust free.


The car is not perfect as AC was removed and front seats aren’t original, but without going into much details, let’s just say that I would be getting the deal of the century for it and I simply can’t pass on such an opportunity.

Sadly I’m only allowed one car for my wife to hate, so the RX-7 would have to go...

Here are a few pics of the car before it went into storage...


It currently makes noticeably more than 200hp... (185hp stock for the 8V)

So, what do you guys think? Am I stupid for getting rid of a perfectly stupid daily driver for another perfectly stupid daily driver? I can’t pass on that deal, but selling the RX-7 kind of tores me apart :)

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