Chevy of Everett gave me a total and complete estimate on repairs. $3660 plus tax. Calculating for a 10% sales tax, that comes out to $4026. This covers the axle, brake pad and parking brake replacement (they got ruined), adjustments, and labor.

That’s for a PowerTorque remanufactured assembly with a 3-year warranty, 3.27:1 Limited Slip Differential, provided by O’Reilly. Dan, the guy who’s handling my car, says he’s willing to match with any company that sells the axle for cheaper than $1,716 (O’Reilly price).

The part number is RAXP2164B.

If y’all got a bead on a reman’d axle for this part number for much cheaper...send it my way. My budget is literally redlined right now — I’d have to completely tap out my Line of Credit (maximum is $2,000) and completely sink my savings account.


The upside? My machinist job will allow me to replenish my finances much faster than the previous one did. So any help would be greatly appreciated. Time is of the essence.

UPDATE: Negotiations have concluded. They price-matched the axle at O’Reilly’s, and they do not want to source from Autozone (since they’ve had dodgy warranty coverage). The final quote is $3076.98 + Tax.


And to respond to all those who suggest that I buy another Crown Vic, let’s just say Killer Queen has grown a bit on me, and I want to give her the post-service retirement she deserves, like this one: