Saw this tonight on my LinkedIn feed posted by a connection of a connection who works as a Sales Consultant for MB USA (exactly where, I don’t know).

I’m sorry but black ice can’t obstruct your view of the upcoming corner (hint: it’s called black ice because you can’t see it). I’m pretty sure that what happened here is exactly the same thing that happened to a number of my colleagues in the 4 years I worked at MB Canada.

Non-car people (basically everyone at the Head Office, sadly) hop in their brand new 4MATICs and think that the car will save their ass in all types of weather (just as our marketing would suggest). In reality, the employee-lease vehicles come with “all”-season tires that are so performance oriented they basically turn to concrete come winter time. And guess what, it’s deductible paying time!

I get the feeling that Mr. King-of-the-Road GL 450 had that same feeling of invincibility (wow, 5 i’s in that word) right up until the point that he was 20 feet into his claimed 150 foot adventure down into the ravine. The 3 commenters were all very happy he was okay, and praised MB for making safe vehicles. I’m just annoyed he ruined a perfectly good truck by not driving to conditions.


Winter tires folks. Drive safe.