It is widely known that a boat is just a hole in the water that you throw money into. For my older Ranger Comanche bass boat, this is proving to be absolutely true. And it's REALLY starting to annoy me.

The boat has a Mercury 150 on the back that is great at getting the sleek 20 footer to 60 MPH if you tilt the engine just right. When it works, of course. It worked for about 15 minutes yesterday after getting it back from the mechanic who absolutely RAVED that it was purring like a kitten for him. And it was purring. At idle. Just not when it's at speed. Dammit.

The idle is actually running a little higher than it should be, but the two major complaints are the Hot Foot pedal doesn't rebound when I take my foot off of it and the engine temperature sensor keeps screaming that it's running hot. But it isn't. Which is, again, annoying. Also, one of the live well pipes has a slight leak in it, which fills the stern of the boat with water overnight. Not enough to sink it, but just enough for me to hit the bilge pump and be bothered by how much dihydrogen monoxide comes out of the little hole on the side. Motherfu...

The upside: the trolling motor works GREAT!!! Especially when the engine conked out on me 200 yards away from the cabin. Very powerful.

So today, after miraculously driving the Ranger across the lake to the boat launch, I made another 30 mile (each way) trek to the mechanic to drop off a bass boat that was promised to be in tip top shape yesterday that is now full of premium gas. Gas that I won't get to use for at least two weeks, after driving 3.5 hours from Houston to use.


I would say that I'm ABSOLUTELY DONE with owning a boat, but I would be lying. I'm addicted.