Time to Change the Spark Plugs on the Trusty Camry

First I want to premise that this post is for the me of 4 years ago. 4 years ago I wasn’t in my mind very mechanically inclined. Up until that point I had only ever changed my own oil. Not that I am much of a mechanic now; but I am 100x more confident now than I was then. I owe most of that confidence to this blog. Big up OPPO!

an essay in photos...(some of which I couldn’t get oriented right because kinja)


First off, time to gather the necessary parts and pieces for the job.

  • Plugs
  • Anti-Seize
  • Torque Wrench
  • 10mm Socket
  • Spark Plug socket and extender
  • Vacuum

It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to unhook your battery before messing with anything electrical. Just in case. I won’t know if you don’t though...

Remove Engine Cover
I tried so hard not to break the ignition coil clips. i was 2/4. I guess 7 years in the AZ sun+engine heat is a bad combination for such small clips.
Ignition Coils un-clipped and the bolts removed with a 10mm socket.
Ignition Coils all removed
Time to vacuum up to make sure no loose dirt falls into the engine after the spark plugs get pulled.
Out with the old plugs!
I try to stay organized
New VS Old
Setting the torque
applying some anti-seize to the new plugs
i always start the plugs by hand to ensure I don’t cross thread anything. That would be BAD.
Then I bring out the torque wrench.
Ignition coils back in
I add a little threadlocker on the bolts before putting them back in.
Torque the bolts to the proper spec. Here it was 7ft-lbs
Engine cover back on. I cleaned it up a bit before I reinstalled it.

After getting everything put back together it’s time to fire her up! No check engine light is a win in my book! The Camry should be good for another 100K trouble free miles!

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