Time to cut ties with my dad

Edit: I’m not actually upset at my dad and I didn’t voice any of these opinions to him. I think it’ll be great for his purposes, I just think its ugly as hell. Lighten up everyone.

Im back home for Thanksgiving and I walked into the garage to see he had bought a brand new Civic Sport hatchback without telling me. The ONLY credit ill give him is that its the best color scheme available, but other than that I think hes crazy. Looks basically like this, and this is about the only flattering angle of the whole car.


He has a history of questionable car buying decisions, but his last car was actually solid. A 2006 Accord coupe 4 cylinder that was at 200k when he traded it. Before that though he bought a CVT 4 cylinder Altima for my mom, a CVT murano before that, and a B5 A4 2.8 quattro that only made it to 80k before needing to be dumped.

Every single one of these times I have suggested other options that were in the same price range that would have been not only more reliable but also more fun. Every single time they just go with whatever deal sounds right to them on whatever car they like the “feel” of. Bear in mind my dad was considering cars like an s2k to replace the accord, so the heartbreak was even worse.

My advice this time around was to drive my 3g Acura TL and get a feel for it, and then if he likes it get a super clean low mileage type-S with a stick. That would have been a nice improvement in just about every way over his accord but without changing basically anything about the ownership experience and reliability. Also, it would be about half the price...


Does he even know that things like the IS-F exist?


Sure, these are much older options and don’t have the warranty and peace of mind that a new car affords you, but there are tons of more modern and sensible options that he could have bought with a warranty. Ill drive it tomorrow and probably change my mind and think that its great, but I sure as hell wont admit it to you guys.

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