Time to go kill some Nazis

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I’m still waiting for my damn chemo drugs to arrive, stuff I ordered last week for overnight delivery. Thankfully this should be the last week of this crap. I just hope that the shit is still on a UPS truck and not stolen by the thieves that seem to run free in my neighborhood.


Kinja is sucking worse than ever on mobile devices so I can’t see any comments if I’m on a phone or tablet and I have to constantly log back in. Couple this with the missing space problem I was having with SwiftKey, but only on Kinja sites, and I’m fed up.

Reading or watching the news just wants to make me bury my head in the sand. I still haven’t been approved for short-term disability even though I’ve been off work for nearly a month. Flies are taking over my kitchen, but I can barely walk so taking out the garbage is a painful experience.


I can hear and smell my neighbors through our common paper-thin bathroom wall. They use nice bubble bath and can sing so I get the best of it, whereas they have to hear me groan and puke and get to smell the pile of used underwear.

Idiot on the freeway held me up last night, probably because I didn’t let him cut in front of me at the last second into an upcoming left turn lane before we got on the freeway. He moved over to the right when someone else moved in front of him, now he’s in the wrong lane and it’s somehow my problem? Just keep your window up, your middle finger retracted and try to drive a little faster than 55 MPH in the fast lane to prove your point, whatever that may be. Your misdirected anger needs to be lodge firmly up your ass.


I’ve played this silly game over and over, but I still enjoy it. I do wish that the British characters actually spoke with a British accent; having them speak ‘Murican just sounds stupid.

I’m outta here, at least for a few hours...

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