240 miles to Santa Rosa this afternoon - a beautiful drive through the San Joaquin Valley and the Bay Area.

I am speaking at a conference of mostly labor contractors, vineyard managers, and folks on the ag side of the wine business.

I have vewn thinking about my cars this morning. My poor Infiniti has suffered neglect in the wake of my Vespa/Sunchaser obsessions. I never got the bumper fixed after the <suspected> valet incident. I am going to file the claim, get it fixed and detailed, and then see what Secure It New can do with it for a little cosmetic pick me up.


I am struggling with a dilemma, Oppo. Should I take the Sunchaser to Santa Rosa? It is an awesome drive, but I can’t use the phone in the Sunchaser to work and bill. Also, I would need to vacuum it out before I go. What say you?