Time to make some space in the personal junkyard

So you guys may remember awhile back I bought an xjs that sat for a stupidly long time as a donor car for my other jaguar. After I pillaged all the parts I needed off of it I thought I might turn it into another project, namely a junkyard ls with an ebay turbo build. But other things have gotten in the way (mainly the alfa’s engine going kaboom) and since I only have one working car right now I figured I may as well take one of my junk cars and put it towards a backup daily.

So yeah If anybody wants a solid HE-XJS roller with only a little bit of rust and has a means of transporting it.


Will I get $1000 for it? No, in fact I’ll probably just take the first reasonable offer I get and run with it.

You might also be wondering about the backup daily, well if I play my cards right it might be this.

An ‘88 535i my friend is selling, he said it runs and drives but has some rust issues and since I haven’t gone and actually looked at the car yet so I may just end up running away from the whole thing and spending the money on some non-meltable snow.

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