I always show the 1996 Dodge Caravan, but I rarely ever show my 2000 Chevy S-10. Originally owned by my dad and taken over by me because shifting is getting hard on the knees.

Recently cleaned the interior and wiped down all the plastics with 303 Aerospace.

The clearcoat is wearing thin and chipping heavily. In 2013 I painted the hood with some rustoleum and a year later had to paint the roof flat black. One day I one to give it a proper paint job or get it professionally done. I want a blue metallic with chrome front and rear bumpers :)

Yep I drive a manual! Replaced the slave cyl / release bearing in 2014. Biggest repair job I ever did to the truck.


Old bearing died violently :D


Back area is clean! The heavy-ass rear view mirror fell off a bunch of times so I keep it off. Improved visibility and even passed inspection twice so far. I keep it in the back in case I get pulled over. Be like “it just fell off a few minutes ago officer” :P

Original rear jump seats! I was 12 when the last time I could fit back there.

Sure was fun riding sideways... or 85 degree angle :P


Manual windows, manual everything except auto headlights and power steering. Oh and A/C which I had to replace the compressor a few years ago.

OEM Compressor ate itself :D


Radio also doesn’t work. Gotta hear that 2.2 when driving :D

Purchased new and since 2000 there is 41087 miles!

Dad mostly used it to go to work and use the work truck. I put at least 20000 miles in the past 3 years.


Passenger side head light has a small crack. I do need to replace them for better lights and want to put those LED signal light bars.


And thats my Chevy S-10. I dont ever want to get rid of it as I have plans on making it better, customizing it properly, V8 swap, and maybe put it in some car shows :)