FWD Wings Have Purpose...

Wings on FWD cars actually have a purpose. You might completely disagree with me, but there is a path to my crooked logic and lack of companionship with commonsense. It's all about weight distribution...

50/50 weight distribution has always been a big fuss when designing a performance car, high end or not. With a FWD car most of the weight is at the front of the car. Even though it's not common the rear end can step out with a lighter rear. That is normally remedied with fatter tires, but still causes handling issues especially with torque steer already being an issue. The torque steer can be remedied with by other methods, but lets focus on wings.


So as everyone one who'll read this knows (hopefully) what a wing does. A spoiler doesn't do anything but spoil a car. With a wing, the downforce created pushes on the rear of the car no matter which wheels are being driven. Because a FWD car is so front heavy, the weight of the wing (depending on material) by itself aids in weight distribution thus increase in handling, and while the car is driving the downforce pushes the car's weight distribution more towards the 50/50 range the faster the car is traveling. It also increases the stability, safety, and easy of control with the car. With less understeer, there's less of a need to get new underpants when going from a straight to a hairpin. There's also less close calls with the walls.

With this whole pushing against the masses, I will redeem myself by saying a wing on a non-racing FWD car is just stupid. All it is is a fashion statement that pisses car enthusiasts off that know better. I tend to rage on people with pseudo "wings" on their civics. Road cars have no need for one unless it's keeping the rear of the car clean.

So yeah what do you think about that...

*I'm seriously serious about this, and I'm open to what you have to say. Just please read the whole thing before grabbing pitchforks and torches. I have a method to my madness. Plus this is something i've had experience with in a racing setting.*

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