Come all my mechanically inclined Opponauts, it's time to play your favorite game, What's that noise???!!!

A while back I noticed a funny noise coming from the engine bay of my car. I think it may be the power steering pump either dying or acting stupid. This only seems to happen when the weather is colder. Part of the reason I think it is the power steering pump is that it only occurs when turning and the noise subsides as I accelerate (aka make the serpentine go faster). Occasionally, I will not have power steering for the first 30 seconds or so of driving which I believe is just the pump pushing the fluids through after a cold start. I have checked the fluid and it appears to be fine.

Important Details:

Car: 2000 Saturn LS

Engine: 3.0L V6

Gut Feeling: Power Steering Pump

Violating the No Portrait Phone Video Act of the Internet: Yes (but the noise is all that matters)

Note: This video was taken with the car standing still in a parking spot and I am attempting to rotate the wheel from center to full right, then full left.