Time to sit in judgement, Oppo

This is from this mornings commute. The facts are as follows:

- Approaching, I saw a high-vis vest in the middle of the road.

- I noted the occupant of said vest seemed to have no intention of moving (I was wrong)


- I also noted he had something stretched in front of him (turned out to be a tape measure).

Based on these facts, I decided to change lanes to avoid both him and his tape. As I did so, he apparently saw me and ran back across my path to the side of the road. As I passed him I got a “dafuq you doing” look from him.


So, Oppo, who’s the dick here? Or are we both just bad at reading people? Should I have swerved back into the lane I came from? (There are reasons why I didn’t—number one was I was pretty close, number two is that patch there where he was measuring is a pretty nasty bump. It’s not so bad in the lane I took, it’s a lot worse in the left lane, and it’s downright diabolical if you have to change lanes over it.) Should I have braked harder? (I had just passed someone and didn’t want to brake-check them. But should I have?)

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