This weekend I plan on doing a nice deep clean of my STi at some point. I already have my clay, soap, a bucket, microfiber wash cloth, and microfiber towels. Just placed an order for these two Chemical Guys products to do both a nice seal and wax after the wash and clay. I’m in an apartment so I’m gonna have to go to a coin Op and break their no bucket rules. But hopefully I can move quick enough and not piss them off if it’s not too busy. I plan on driving home for everything after the wash since I’d rather do it indoors anyways. Of course it’s supposed to rain at some point (it never rains in LA) so I might just bring out the Miata in the rain if I have to drive someplace. I swore to never drive it in the rain again but I’d rather that than dirty the Subaru right after I spend hours cleaning it. We shall see!