So, There were quite a few forgotten concepts in 2006. Some were good, some were shit, and some didn't make any sense at all.

I've rounded up some Car magazines. 88mph right into 06.

The first find. The Hyundai Talus, A fairly attractive (Except from the front) and modern Suv. Wonder why it never happened?

Another forgotten concept was the Mitsubishi Eclipse Ralliart. No, it wasn't the kind that receptionists and Teachers drove. Brembo Brakes, and all.


The Volkswagen Gx3. Don't do Cocaine kiddies.

Then, we have the Toyota F3R. Who's idea was this one?


Then, we have a full page Ad about Dick pills.

All of these forgotten concepts came from these three magazines. I purposefully didn't include the Pontiac Ute and the Miura concept, because everybody knows about them.