Timeline of my automotives

I feel like I’ve done a version of this before, but I’m not sure, so here you go. To keep this more manageable and relevant, I’m only including cars that were at some point my daily driver, other than my first car which I only drove once.

2011-2011: 1993 BMW 525i Touring

Fittingly, the only picture of my first car I can find at the moment is one of it being loaded onto a trailer when I sold it. That car was a pile. I bought it when I was a teenager who thought he knew things, but I did not know things. The engine blew in dramatic fashion on the way home, and yet the drive up to that point was enough to lodge E34s in my brain as Something I Want.


2011-2014: 1969 Volvo 144S

Because I am insane, after selling the wagon for parts, I promptly bought a Volvo 144 that sort of ran. Teenager who thought he knew things part 2. After much fiddling and help from an old Volvo mechanic, it was my daily for a while. Then I began the never-ending process of screwing with the carb setup. It sat for a year or so, and then I sold it to a guy who didn’t want my spare parts because “there won’t be much left of the original drivetrain anyways”.

2013-2014: 1986 BMW 325

God this car sucked, in so many ways. Why on earth did I buy this. But I still kind of loved it, in some masochistic way. Anyways, bought a slammed E30 with a dog of an eta engine, spent too much time and money trying to make it less of a pile, and finally called it quits after the clutch gave out. Luckily I’ve driven good E30s, so this thing didn’t sour E30s for me.

Look at my dumb, smug face. I actually thought it wasn’t going to cost me lots of money and break down all the time.

2014-2016: 1997 Chevrolet Blazer

Bulletproof, took me to Montreal and back, took me camping, helped me move, got me to work reliably, took me on dates, helped friends move, went off road, never died, always started, best vehicle I’ve ever had. Currently slumbering at my friends parents house, waiting for someone to replace every single goddamn component of the brakes.


2014-2014: 1983 BMW 533i/535i

Bought with a friend of mine for $500. Sold for $1800, we thought that was pretty good....man if we knew how much E28s were gonna jump in price. Very fun car, had an M30B35 out of an E34, 5 speed, 3.55 (I thing) LSD. Had longer legs than his 535i with a 3.73 LSD.


2014-2015: 1982 BMW 320i

I frequently miss this car. I shouldn’t, but my brain has gone full rose-coloured glasses with this rusty, rough riding, unreliable, infuriating, and just awesome old thing. It doesn’t help that my significant other sometimes mentions how she misses that car.


2015-2015: 1981 BMW 633CSi

This is objectively the best car I’ve had. It ran wonderfully, floated over bumps while still keeping its composure on twisty roads, and was just generally really solid and lovely. I wouldn’t have sold it if I didn’t need the money for moving.


2016-Present: 2006 Subaru Legacy wagon

I inherited this thing from my grandpa in early 2016, with 36k kms on it. It’s been my daily since then, and hasn’t skipped a beat.


2017-Present: 1989 Dodge Raider

You all know the deal. Friends car in high school, had problems, got sent to the farm and sat there for 3 or 4 years. Drove her home on one of the toughest roads in the province and I’ve been tinkering since then. Glorious little truck, makes me smile like an idiot every time I drive it.


2017-Present: 1969 Volvo 144S

Yup, I bought the Volvo twice. The guy I sold it to had it under a cover in a parkade for 4 years, since he bought it. Now it sits in a garage until I can afford to resurrect it.


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