Timeline time.

Lucy, 1986 4x4 Xtra cab, 1996-2003;

Bought this truck when I was 16 with ever nickel saved from my first job.. Drove it all over the province and back, it moved me more times than I care to remember. Had to get something shorter once I moved to Edmonton and it wouldn’t fit in any parkades. Sold it to a guy headed to Belize..


Summer, 1997 Jetta GT, 2003-2005;

Fell in with the VW club and ended up with a mk3. It was an old lady car when I started and a lot of fun when it was done. Except for speedbumps - oh and winter..

Snowball, 1990 Jetta, 2004-2006;


This started out as my winter car - but then it got carried away. Lowered, cams, intake, exhaust.. it was a hoot and still one of the most fun/cheapest cars I’ve owned.

Little Jetta, 1992 Jetta, 2003*-2008;


This was my Wife’s first car, and so when we met in 2003 I started to take care of it too. It was a trooper - a lot of km with no problems, and was our standard mode of transportation. She bought it in 1996 and was sad to see it go.

Clover, 1986 Westfalia, 2006-2011;


Our beloved Westy. I won’t say it never broke down, and I won’t say it was cheap, but I will say that every km we drove was with a smile. This was our wedding car, and we honeymooned in it as well. Sadly it went to new owners when our kids arrived.. We miss it every time we see one doddling down the road.

Daisy, 2008 Forester, 2008-now;


This replaced her Jetta as our everything car, We bought it new, and it is still going strong. No headgaskets yet at 100k km -(crosses fingers).. Goes anywhere and is no fuss. Rocket box was for strollers, now it carries skis and canoes.

Perrin, 1998 Impreza, 2009-2011;


This was my second car and Rally project, scooped for $2000, built out of subi parts sourced from friends. Ran TSD Rallies and was a lot of fun in the snow.

Cables, 2005 TRD Sport, 2011-2017;


Finally back in a Toyota, they’ve changed a bit since 1986 though.. This truck was great. pulled our trailer, took us all over, went where the Subaru shouldn’t.. Had the frame replaced by Toyota, but tragically blew a headgasket and cracked the block last fall.

Silver, 2017 TRD Sport, 2017-now;


Bought new from the dealership, Swapped all the 2nd gen stuff over in the lot.. I’ve got a bit of a BajaDesign problem, but otherwise happy with how it sits, and soon we’ll be done paying for it..

Thanks for the read.

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