I spent the majority of my free time this weekend working on the Mini. I’ve been struggling getting it to run right. Last night I got the timing gun out and found it was retarded. I went to work on it some more this morning and couldn’t get the timing gun to work on #1. I tried it on #2 and it worked. Fiddled around with the wire on #1, swapped it with #2, and the problem followed. I think I have a bad plug wire.

Funny thing, there is a good chance it has been running on three cylinders for a good while. For a minute while messing with the wires I think all four were working and it smoothed out. So, new plugs and wires are on the way. The plug wires were Lucas parts and there is a chance they are original all the from 1990.

I also found the tires are from 2010 and are showing sidewalk cracks. I need to find a place that has 165/60R12 on hand.