Timing Belt Replacement

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This weekend, we got in my girlfriends car and only got about 50 feet before it stalled. Checked fuel, spark, battery etc. and everything was good. Got it towed, turned out the timing belt lost some teeth. They don’t know whether the engine was impacted due to the slow speed (under 5 mph), but said they’d need to change the belt out before going further. While she could get a new car, this is a 10 year old car that needs some other odds and ends but really she just needs this car to get her 3 more months to graduation. Best case is the belts replaced and he engine is okay; worst is that it needs rebuilt. That would cost more than the car is worth.


I figured that I’ve got a free weekend, a 6 pack, tools, and know how from working at a shop in high school and fixing various parts on my own cars throughout the years. I know the risk of making sure timing is correct, but at this point we’ve got nothing to lose. Should I go for it? If it’s still damaged then we know for sure, or we get a working car again.

For the record, her car is a 2008 Kia Rio. My car is the lead photo.

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