Timing Belt Service Day 1


Okay, got that out. So my plan this weekend was to change my timing belt because it’s due on my 2012 Subaru Outback 2.5. Well things have not been going to plan. I had to make a god damn special tool to be able to loosen up the crank pulley bolt. I didn’t want to pull out the radiator just to get an impact gun in there. Besides when I go to tighten the bolt back up, i have to torque it THEN go 60 degrees or something. I am not enjoying this. I started this morning at 7:30. I had to stop at 2:45 because my wife has a music gig at a winery. I am using this time to hopefully unwind for tomorrow where I have to finish removing the old belt, install new belt and idlers, water pump, thermostat, etc... fuck me.

What the fuck Subaru? Do you hate people? Your commercials are so friendly. I may continue to pay the dealer to change the oil because fuck that.
Had to make this so I could actually loosen the crank bolt.
Stupid bolt was really tight.
This where I stopped. Subaru bastards.

End rant.


Happy Subaru

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