Timing Is Everything

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Finally got around to replacing the leaky CAS O-Ring today. Had my friend help me because I had never used a timing light before. Turns out it’s really easy. Got the new Vitton O-ring on with some difficulty, as the CAS is so close to the firewall. Advanced the timing to 14 degrees. It’s supposed to increase (if only slightly) the low/mid range torque. We’ll see. What timing are you guys running? Experiences?


Also hopefully my coolant won’t leak anymore after trying to reshape the copper housings against the firewall to the heater core. Some mechanics mangled one of them after my car sprung a leak 4 hours from home at 11pm on Christmas. I had to get a tow to the only shop that was open with in 50 miles on the day after Christmas. Also found out exactly why I need an aluminum radiator as my oem style radiator didn’t like running with a leak on the highway. This was such a fun experience (it wasn’t).

Next project will be replacing my weak alternator with an fd alternator 100 amps. Either that or a Kia alternator 110 amps, but the Kia isn’t quite as easy to bolt on apparently. Then a/c delete... power steering delete... mishimoto radiator... lighter wheels... sway bars... etc.

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