First service on the little 250 Rebel... time to adjust the valves.

I haven’t had a chance to put a bunch of miles on the little bike yet, but I did finally hit the 600 mile mark... time for the first service. Instead of taking the Rebel to the dealer, I decided to do it myself. In order to adjust the valves, the seats and tank have to come off, plus removal of the spark plugs and valve cover. The valves need to be adjusted with the engine cold. I like to use a 0.002" and a 0.0025" feeler gauges for my “GO” and “NO GO” gauges. All the tappets were a bit on the loose side as found. After adjustment, checking and double checking, everything was reassembled and the engine fired up. It ran fine and sounded good... remember, when it comes to non-hydraulic tappets, “Tappy is Happy!” The little engines have a subtle mechanical clatter when everything is adjusted properly, and they run like the proverbial sewing machine.

Of course, I changed the oil as well, and checked the bike over carefully. Then I took it on a test ride for a few miles, and afterwards I re-checked the oil level. Everything looks good, so it should be ready for more riding this summer!