Tiny Li'l Pistons

D’awwww. Read on for more.

I did a bunch of work to my Mini over the past few days, and it’s almost done! Basically everything from the head gasket up. New head, new intake and exhaust, new rockers... see below for a bit more info:


I finally got it all bolted back up last night, and.... I forgot to put a gasket onto the heater tap. Oops. A little bit of cleanup and a few minutes with an x-acto knife, and we were back in business. It only took a few tries to get it started, and it was ROUGH. Not a surprise, but probably not what my neighbors wanted to hear at 10:30 at night. (I swear I’m not a bad neighbor, just really impatient.)

I tried it again and managed to get it to hold a rough idle. I’ve got a fair bit of carb tuning ahead of me, but it runs! The carb tuning has me worried a bit, because the fuel mixture screw is wedged between the firewall and the fuel line. I can get to it by taking off the fuel line, but then I’m guessing... ack. Who knows, I’ll figure something out.

Anyway, here’s a video of the rough idle! No apologies for the vertical video, it’s from Snapchat.

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