I am planning to do a (off)road trip with a friend of mine and my dog for 2 weeks starting from April 30th. The idea is to start from where I live, drive across Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and back home in 2 weeks.

The road:

Long way home

This is the road map for our trip (makes the 2 hour drive from my home to work (blue dot) seem really small). We want to visit some cities along the way, but it’s mostly about driving and hiking and enjoying the wilderness.

The car:

No need for hydraulics to go 3 wheelin’


The car is a 1987 Mitsubishi Pajero 2.5 TD without intercooler, with all of it’s glorious 84 HP. It has been my father’s trailer-pulling-car for some years before the engine gave up in late 2006. We stored ans restored it over the years. It hit the streets again in December 2014

The replacement engine has 250.000 km on the clock, it’s not the newest, most powerful, or fuel efficient, but it keeps running, so it’ll do.


What has been done:

Underbody and frame were cleaned, repaired and painted
Swapped a new used engine (250.000km)
Lightly used clutch
New exhaust
New tires (spare included): Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S G012 in 265/70R15
New exhaust rubber mounts
New rear axle rubber bushings
New brakes
New shock absorbers
New used idler arm
Bumpers and fender flares were repaired and painted
Wheels were repainted
Up to date stereo (important on long drives)


What still needs to be done:

Building and installing a roof rack
Buying and installing a roof tent
Replacing the back seats with storage space
Fluid change
Replacing transfer case seals
Buying and installing a snorkel (maybe)
Tuning the steering box
Replacing the sway bar rubber bushings (PU?)
Repaint/replace the steering wheel (the cracking paint has some sharp edges)
Buying and installing a 220V power outlet


The team:

Well there my friend, 28 years old engineer, with little mechanical and no offroad knowledge, my dog, 1,3 year old Beauceron-Bernese Mountain Dog mix, 65 cm, 40 kg, with no mechanical or offroad knowledge, and me, 28 year old engineer, with quite a bit of mechanical and a bit of offroad knowledge.


The strategy:

We’re not going to go hardcore offroad, since we’re planning to do a long trip. The tires I chose are advertised as silent while onroad and very capable in offroad use. To my surprise they are really silent, and the offroad capability is okay, but not excellent (I didn’t expect more).
We plan to drive about 6 hours per day, a little more while crossing Germany.
We’re going to sleep in the tent while the dog will sleep in the annex. Maybe we’ll go to a hotel once or twice for a shower.
I will get some French army field rations for the parts of the trip where we’re in the wild. We will probably eat out often.
We’ll avoid to let the dog alone, but if there is no other possibility, she’ll stay in the car, with open windows and grills so she cant jump out. the temperatures shouldn’t exceed 15°C, so she will be fine.
We will avoid too long ferry rides, as I don’t know how the dog will react to them.


Question time:

Has anyone some experience with roof tents? Prices are all over the place, so I’m not sure what to get. I dont want to spend 5000€ on a tent, but it has to last for more than just 1 trip. There are some tents for just under 1000€ on Ebay, but they are delivered only, so I suspect they are sent from China directly to the consumer, and I don’t have the possibility to check the quality beforehand.


Are there things that I shouldn’t miss on the road? I have been to Finland twice, but I don’t know the rest very well. I get most informations online, but maybe some of you know something I haven’t found yet.

Do you have any tips about preparing your rig, living outdoors, and not killing each other on a 14 day vacation without escape zone?


Is there anything YOU want to know?