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Tips for driving on the wrong side of the road?

From July 3rd to July 6th this year I am going to be renting a car in London and driving out to the Cornwall coastal area as the last part of my trip to Europe. I have never driven a RHD car nor have I driven on the wrong (left) side of the road. So it will surely be an interesting experience shifting with my opposite hand and somehow navigating roundabouts without dying. The one thing I know to consciously think about is that the turn signal and wipers are backwards. Any other tips for an American driving for the first time in the UK?

I’ve driven before in Europe in LHD countries but that was pretty much the same as anything in the US, just with narrower roads and insane mopeds. Although people seemed to follow general rules of law MUCH better in Norway and Italy than they do in the US for sure. The roundabouts EVERYWHERE was an odd experience but its easy when people follow the rules and dont drive like dicks.

Also, any tips on how to affordably get something cool to drive? I will surely be happy in a piece-o-shit 3 cyl hatch that gets 50mpg but something more like a real car wouldnt be bad either. Although my dream would be to go cruising in an MG for the trip, but then I would be fixing the car every 35 miles or so.


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