Hey guys, winter's coming and I'd like a bit of tire-buying advice. The ones I have on my Audi are getting pretty worn and they're predicting an abnormally cold winter this year for S.C., so we're probably going to get some ice and maybe a bit of snow. Now, being the deep south, I don't see a separate set of snow tires really making sense, so I'm wanting to look into some good performance all-season tires.

I'd had my heart set some on Yokohama AVID Envigors, but it would seem they've been discontinued in the tire size Tire Rack and Discount Tire recommends (205/50/15), though I'm currently running 195's now. The nearest size available for the Envigor is 195/55/15, which is what I'm currently running, as that's what came on the car. Would a slight loss in width be worth the quality in tire? If not, I've got to look into something else. I'm pretty budget-conscious, so I'm trying to stay under $100 per tire. I'm looking for something with good traction and response in the wet and dry, with really good braking in the snow and wet. I'm not quite as concerned about traction as far as acceleration goes- my Quattro AWD system should be able to pick up the slack enough in that department, though more traction is always better, but I'd rather focus on cornering and braking grip.

Decent treadlife is important as well. I don't brake especially hard, nor do I accelerate particularly hard, but I do take corners fairly aggressively.

So, does Oppo have any suggestions?