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Tire Advice

We own a boat trailer that is used once a year. Our boat is docked at a local marina, and it only needs to be pulled out of the water for yearly maintenance. The trailer is stored behind the house, out of sight for us and the neighbors.

Boat Trailer
Boat Trailer
Image: Dakotahound

Every year, I clean, oil, and grease the trailer for its annual use. It is not a very difficult task. Unfortunately, the tires are showing signs of tire rot. Is there something that I can do to prevent this? Is there some sort of spray-on protection that works?

Miscellaneous comments:

The boat is a 17 ft. center console Boston Whaler with a 150 hp Yamaha outboard motor. The bottom has an epoxy coating and antifouling paint. The total weight of the boat and trailer is about 3,800 lbs.


We have a vehicle large enough to tow the empty trailer, but not the boat.

Our maintenance is done by a mobile marine company. We just need to tow the trailer to the marina and help them load the boat. They take care of the rest.


Renting a storage facility for the trailer is more expensive than replacing the tires every year.

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