Tire Help Pt. 2: Which Ones Should I Buy?

First off I want to thank everyone who provided insight and knowledge in my earlier thread. I really appreciate it. I have decided to go with the most logical and responsible route and just get new tires for the current wheels. So now comes my final decision: which tires to get.

Based on pricing and availability, my best three options are through my local Sam’s Club. From what I’ve read online though, each tire has mixed reviews. To cut through all the whiny clueless-about-cars reviewers out there, I ask you Oppo: which of the three do you recommend for your own personal experiences? The three options and pricing are as follows:

Option 1: BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Sport. Total with tax and installation: $454.13

  • 215/70R15, 98T, Treadwear: 660, 70,000 mile manufacturer’s limited warranty

Option 2: Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max. Total with tax and installation: $446.98

  • 215/70R15, 98T, Treadwear: 600, 65,000 mile manufacturer’s limited warranty

Option 3: Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus. Total with tax and installation: $423.84

  • 215/70R15, 97T, Treadwear: 760, 90,000-mile manufacturer’s limited warranty

My previous experience with BFGs has not been the greatest as far as wear goes, but they’ve performed well otherwise. I haven’t had Goodyears, but the reviews for that particular tire were the worst of the three. And I’ve never had Pirellis before either, but I haven’t had much time to really research those. They do have 4.8 out of 5 stars from 12 reviews on Amazon though, for whatever that’s worth. Oh, and I live in coastal SC, so it’s a hot, sometimes rainy climate, and these will probably never see snow. So again I ask Oppo, what would you recommend?

A picture of a Ferrari F1/87 shooting flames for your time.


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