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Tire mounting at Walmart

After almost 20 years of only visiting specialized tire shops, I finally said “Hey, we drive an appliance now, why not just take it where everyone else goes?”

I got a decent deal on some new Pirellis for the Odyssey through them, and the $9 per tire lifetime R&B helped seal the deal.

First in line at 7am and it still took 2+ hours. And...I have to go back. Look closely, then apply palm to face.


Granted, it’s small print, but it’s in four languages. And even if they had missed it, the law of averages says that half the tires would be mounted wrong. Nope — all four. Bangup job, Walmart! At least future R&B work won’t require remounting...

EDIT: I’m not considering this super-urgent because these tires are only slightly asymmetrical and not being used for spirited driving. Thoughts based on the pic below? Going back right away is a huge PITA...

Left side is outer shoulder (but should be inner shoulder).

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