I haven’t even picked up the car yet but I’m already running through options for tires on the 2006 Subaru Wrx STI that I’m picking up on Friday. It’s currently got some crappy all seasons that need replacing so I’m looking to pick up some halfway decent summers and another set of winters. The summers will go on the stock BBS wheels and I’ll pick up a cheapo set of wheels for the winter tires. I’ve narrowed both tire options down to two front runners:

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 non studded tires for my snow tires. I’ve always wanted Hakkas and I feel like if im going to have a snow tire, I might as well have the best. I was happy with the General Arctics I had on the Miata but I’ll be heading into some serious winter storms for sure this year. These will live on another set of wheels so the the size may change if I can fit smaller wheels on the car.


For summer tires that will live on the stock wheels and be on the car any time I’m not heading to a ski mountain, I have been highly considering the BFG sport comp 2. I had these on my Miata and they are a pretty good budget option that can handle some rain, last pretty long, and decently handle back roads. Sure they are not autocross tires but that’s what the Miata is for. I need them to last but I want something better than the DZ102 I have on the Miata now.

Both sets I’d want to get installed at Americas tire (discount tire in California) since I can order from Discount Tire Direct and score some decent savings. This total is gonna be somewhere North of $1000 plus the second set of wheels, but such is life. I really don’t have anywhere to put extra wheels but I refuse to run a no season tire.


This was one of the funny options I was considering since the Sti shares the 5x114.3 bolt pattern with some hondas/Acuras. Would be kinda silly to see these on the car. I’m just trying to find something cheap that isn’t steelies. I won’t be using them all that often except I guess if I get lazy after a ski trip and leave them on for the week. I’ll just drive the Miata if it’s too warm out for snow tires.

One more day until I bring the new beast home! I’m also looking at how much registration and insurance is going to cost and I want to put roof racks on the car. This is gonna get pricey. Especially once something breaks too!

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