Yes they can.

I’ve been experimenting with tire pressures in an attempt to change the handling balance of my Jetta. Well, it worked.

Usually coming into this corner, I get understeer on entry, even in the wet. I come in medium hard, and saw my way through using the throttle.

Today in recently-rained wet conditions, I was running 41 psi front, 32 rear, and came in less hard than usual. I noticed on the previous corner that the rear was losing grip more than usual, and felt like the razor’s edge. Say hello to my VW 911!

Thank God I didn’t hit anything. I was happy to have that experience, but I wish it had been on a course and not the road! I really wish I had telemetry on the cam so I could see exactly what inputs yielded this result.


Needless to say I was terrified the rest of my drive, and I’ll be running a more conservative pressure differential next time it rains. And further in the video, apparently someone else was not as lucky.