Finally a picture that shows the hail damage!

This is why I love Oppo. Between two mechanics, my friend group, a lifted Civic Facebook group, and TireBuyer customer support, “Jeeps Beemers and other fun things,” was the first to solve it. The Civic was pulling to the left due to... *drum roll*

A slightly sticky brake caliper. Doh!


I’d noticed when I was rotating the tires that the lug nuts were getting kinda hot, which seemed weird but I didn’t think much of it. When he mentioned it in the comments I was like “DUH!”

I pulled both front wheels off, cleaned and greased the slide pins, and the problem went away. I’ll be honest, I’d never even thought about doing this before. Didn’t know it was a thing. LEARNING!

Also points to “Duck Duck Grey Duck FTMFW!” for noting that Honda wheels are hub centric and the spacers are probably interfering with that. When putting the tires back on I made sure to be very careful and progressively tightened the lug nuts with the wheel still in the air. Test drive showed the vibration was also gone.


So, again, thanks Oppos for helping me out!

But should I exchange the tires anyway?

That said, I’m still thinking about returning the tires. TireBuyer customer support was pretty sure they’d such for my application and in a lot of ways they’re right. My biggest concern is weight. The current tires are 21 lbs each. The General touring tire I could exchange them for weighs just 16.6 lbs, though the BFG tourings are 19.8 lbs. The original tires were about 14.1 lbs.


Any thoughts there?