Tire Quest(ions)!

As you may know, I had a tire blow-out on the way to STL Friday night. Luckily, despite the tires being at the end of their lives, the tire was covered by road-hazard. However, the tire shop has an abysmal selection of tires tire in my size.

Before the blow-out (photo credit to JAKE DOLLA DOLLA BILL Y’ALL)

As in, literally one option in stock: the OHTSU FP7000. The tire shop told my dad that they were Falkens, which they are not (they’re distributed by Falken, but they aren’t a Falken tire). That kinda pissed me off. 


So, in weighing my options, I found that BFGoodrich G-Force Comp-2 all-seasons on tirerack.com are not much more expensive (including shipping). Ideally I’d use the road hazard to pay for mounting and balancing at said shop.

AutoX BRO!

I’m skittish about a no-name brand tire when I can get a highly rated tire for a marginal increase in price. Additionally, I’ve decided that in the spring I’m gonna go ahead and get a set of Sport Comp-2s for my WS6 wheels and go chase Jayhawk Jake at AutoX. This means “ultimate performance” isn’t necessary on the replacement tires since they’ll be DD/winter tires while the WS6s will be track/fun, but I don’t want penalty box tires either.

Does Oppo have any thoughts on this?

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