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Tire Question (TwoWheelsExpensive)

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So I am looking to replace the rear tire of the Monster since I bought it with it being flattened towards the middle, I really don’t want to keep it like that and bike tires are really important.


It fits Diablo Rosso II standard in a 180/60 R17 tire, but I want to upgrade to the new Rossos (the IIIs) but they only come in 180/55, I am concerned of the effect this could have on it, but I really want the more versatile compound since it rains a fair bit here, plus it’s supposed to last a bit longer (though I suspect I will get to my limit of 2 years with them without them running out).

So my option is to get the wrong (?) size in the new tire or get the OEM size on the old tire or maybe change brand alltogether, though I think Pirellis are the best tires for bikes.


Opinion OPPO?

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