What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
Illustration for article titled Tire size, fuel economy and other recent observations regarding my 2008 Fit

See this tire? This is one of the tires my car came with.

And you may note the size is 175/65r15

That is not the stock size.

Stock apparently is 195/55r15

I discovered this when I was doing some preliminary tire and wheel research as I’ll have to replace these tires before next winter.


This size discrepancy means (based on a tire size calculator) the circumference of my tires are 2-3 percent bigger than OEM.

This also means when I drive, my speedometer shows a speed that is a little slower than I’m actually going. I confirmed this today with a GPS-based speedometer app on my phone.


Aaaand... this also means my MPG figures are being reported 2-3 percent lower than they should be since I’m covering more distance than what the odometer indicates.

((Sidenote: recently made a new fuel economy record on a recent tank... 5.3L/100km... and that’s before adjusting for the oversized tires)


And finally... it also has the effect of making my car a little slower to accelerate.

So now I’m thinking that when I replace my tires, I’ll also replace these crappy steelies with crappy plastic covers (which clearly didn’t come off of a Fit) with some used 14” OEM alloy wheel with a tire size much closer to stock.


I might go with the 14” alloy wheels Accords or Preludes had in the 1990s. I already checked and confirmed there are some available at boneyards local to me.

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