Tire temperature ranges are stupid

When it comes to picking a set of tires, I hate living in South Carolina. Sometimes I wish I lived in a place where temperatures were consistent enough to be able to commit to a tire compound.

Summer tires obviously make sense from, what, April until say...October?

But then what? November - March the temperatures are all over the place. One week we’ll be in the 20's or teens, the next week we’ll all be running around in t-shirts because it’s 70 degrees outside. Even on a daily basis, you’ll go from 25 degrees or less in the morning to 55 or better in the afternoon. In the space of a single day you go from too cold for summer tires to too hot for winter tires. And yet, if you run all-seasons during the winters down here, you’re at a massive disadvantage when we actually DO get snow or, worse and more likely, ice.


I feel like South Carolina in particular is one of those places the temperature fluctuations mean winter tires aren’t feasible, yet when we do get the occasional winter weather, everyone bitches at us for not having winter tires.

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