I was really upset recently about having to replace my tires - they CAN’T be that old, they are only 4 years old and they still have a little life left and....wait...66,000 miles?! Thats how many miles are on them?! Yeah, okay its new tire time. Assuming Discount gives me a decent discount for labor daybor. Thinking about these in the 285/75r16

Same set I have on the GX, they seem nice and they have the mountain snowflake. but I don’t know how they’ll be in the long term. Anyone with miles on them?

Also what wheels you like better?


The tops ones are direct replacement with the right backspacing, offset etc. The others are direct fit minus 10 offset. Not sure how much that will matter but I think the lighter color would work better with the color of my truck.


16x8 6 on 5.5 4.5 inch backspacing with zero offset and a 106 hub opening if you can find something cooler.