Went to the shop, they saw the bad tire (like I was saying) they told me the hole was too close to the sidewall to patch. In so in a twist they priced out a full set of Indy 500s, & the tires I currently have (Toyo Extenza HP’s, just 2 of them). Toyo recently updated that tire (now the Extenza HP2). Their supplier has 2 of the old compound left & they where $95/tire (yay for discontinued tire).

Some epoxy floor touchups where done in the garage hence the caution tape.

Since they won’t show up until Wensday, & I don’t like driving on the spare doughnut I grabbed one winter tire from the shed to put on. The Indy 500s balanced, mounted, & tax would be $805. The 2 Toyos would be $240 all in. Right now I don’t have $800, but do have enough for the latter of the 2 options. It’s not how I planned on it going, but my wallet is going to be more happy.

It may not look great, but it works.