Getting the tires rotated as we, Got them when my vehicle was at just over 42,000 miles in November of 2015. Currently at 98,440 miles (March 2017). Tires are measuring between 5/32" and 6/32". The original, exceptional ride quality and muted rolling sound have gradually left and right now they feel like an “above” average tire. Good news!

Ill let you know how they do from 4/32" to 2/32" since that’s actually the range where your money needs to be worth it.

Overall Scores from Me


Real World Road Experiences:

Highway - 10/10, exceptional!

Wet - 7/10, you can maintain speed limit in the wet if you are the type that doesnt like to slow down in poor weather conditions.


Dirt - 5/10, tires telegraph their limits in a linear fashion so you wont end up stuck somewhere by surprise. But you arent going to be doing anything interesting off road.

Snow - 3/10, will survive if you are caught in snowfall before switching to your winter tires.

Ice - 1/10, avoid.


Performance Scores (considering this segment):

Comfort - 10/10, most quiet rolling tire ever, very little vibration but still communicative with what’s happening below them.


Durability - 10/10, no chipping or cracks and no worries with poor roads, curbing, or unpaved roads.

Wear - 10/10, completely even wearing and likely an 80,000-plus mile life in my situation (RWD, desert climate, good highways). Id say 65,000 miles very likely for majority of drivers.

Handling - 6/10, immediately numbs steering feel but will “allow” for slightly more aggressive cornering than stock suspension can actually handle in my case. Braking hasnt been linear since I got them (which is a bummer).



Didnt notice any fuel economy benefits. Handling became more numb upon switching and traction limits are felt in a linear fashion. Very awesome tires for safe highway cruising.

Overall I would say they are a phenomenal premium tire focused on tread life, durability, comfort, and attempting to eliminate noise and vibration. Would be PERFECT tires for a new Volvo XC90 or any other premium light truck focused on comfort. A handling focused vehicle wont match up with these tires and you’ll end up missing your old performance tires. 


All of these are just thoughts from my road-to-butt interpretation skills. One more update around low 3/32" range and then a full review once they reach the end of their tread life.