Hey Oppo, I’ve got an autocross question. My MR2 is aligned for max tire life currently (near zero camber & toe) but I’d like to have it set up better for autocross this weekend.

My research indicates some toe-out at the front, along with as 1.5-2.5 degrees of negative camber, should firm up the handling and grip for weekend cone-hunting shenanigans.


I want to optimize and minimize my “autocross & tire expense” to the best extent possible. My options look like this:

  • Have the car aligned for cornering before the event weekend, and re-aligned for commuting afterwards (paying for 2 alignment services per autocross weekend)
  • Keep the commuter-spec alignment and take the slower times at autocross
  • Get the aggressive alignment and take the hit on tire life
  • Figure out a “middle-ground” alignment that has more crisp turn-in with less of a penalty on tire life

What’s the best option here? My ‘91 MR2 is on staggered wheels with Yokohama S.Drive tires.

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