Hey Oppo, I was on my way home from a meeting and I passed by an Up Garage, finding the above SSR 16โ€ wheels in my bolt pattern with brand new Dunlop tires, they were only $500!!!! Alas, when they were put on my car, the tires were just slightly too wide in the rear, although perfect in the front. So disappointing. So I need some help figuring out my ideal wheel and tire combo numbers.

Right now I am running 175/65R14s on my stock GA3 14โ€ rims. The rim width allowed apparently is 4.5j and 5.0j, if I run 15โ€ or 16โ€ rims, what tires should I be adding to them? Remember, the GA3 is lowered too with Tanabe springs, so Iโ€™ll probably need a fairly low profile. Clearance was fine on the Dunlops as far as height. No rubbing. Just that darn rear issue with the control arm (the issue was width on the INSIDE, not on the rear fender).