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Tire/wheel question.

So next year I want to compete for points in auto-x. That means I’ll need better tires to be competitive(In my class thats what most people run for summer tires). I want see what the Juke can really do on good tire. I already have the wheels picked out (Motegi MR131 TrakLites), for the sizes I thinking of doing a reverse stagger, & a larger wheel upfront to reduce sidewall roll (I’ve heard Indy 500's have soft sidewalls). For the front I’m looking at 18"x 9"(w/ 255/40r18), & in the rear I thinking of going 17"x 7"(w/ 215/55r17).

I want TrakLite’s because they are about 10lb less per wheel Vs. stock. The only tire I can find in those two sizes that match is the Firehawk Indy 500, I was already set on that tire anyways. Pro’s & Con’s of running the possible set up?


Another set up I thought of is a square stance 17"x 8" (w/ 235/50r17). Same wheel/tire, my worry is that be too much tire for the rear as they are non drive wheels.

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